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Time Machine Waiting for Index to Be Ready

My Time Machine backup (on OS X 10.7) was stuck on Waiting for index to be ready (100) for a long time (it kept logging this once every minute for 20 minutes). I ended up killing the mds process. I...

Installer Redmine sur Mac OS X 10.6: La façon correcte

Oui, c'est un titre plutôt prétentieux étant donné que c'est la première fois que je réussis à installer une application Rails, et non, cela ne me dérange pas. C'était agréable comme un coup de pied au cul alors je dois documenter la façon dont j'y suis parvenu et cela pourrait rendre service à d'autres, alors si ça vous dérange, lisez-le comme 'la façon correcte pour moi'.

Installing Redmine on Mac OS X 10.6: The Correct Way

Yes, it’s a rather pretentious title, considering that it’s my first time succeeding at installing a Rails application, and no, I don’t care. It was a pain in the ass so I need to document how I did it, and it might help other people, so if it really bothers you, read it as ‘the correct way for me’.

De-evilising Adium windows

Some developers seem to think that people can't use a mouse, probably because of their own inability to use one. Therefore they develop features to help us poor crippled users deal with our handicap. That's very nice of them, except it's annoying as Hell *and* insulting.

A note to Mac software developers

A compressed DMG does not need to be zipped, gzipped, binned, sitted or hqxed.

Avoid FileVault problems when using adobe updater

Great hint. The number of problems with adobe updater has just been reduced by one. 1,653,453,245 to go.

Two great Time Machine articles

Two great articles by Jeff Harrell where he explains in great details yet very simply how Time Machine works.


About the Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update (delta)

Fractal Linking Cascade about Java

John Gruber linked to two articles by Paul Kim and Terrence Talbot about Java, following Steve Jobs' remark about it not being worth building into the iPhone. I foolishly went to read them, not realising that I was being caught into a Fractal Linking Cascade, ending in my reading of five rather long articles on the subject. I don't regret it, though, because they were really interesting.

MacFUSE Tech Demos


Marble, Wood or… Porcelain!


Queuing up package installations


USB Floppy Disk Striped RAID under OS X


Building a TINI application with Xcode

This post explains how I build applications for the TINI using Xcode. It was written for Xcode 2.4. Create a new Java Tool project in Xcode. The description says “This project builds a library or application as a JAR file.”...


Bare Bones Software apparently has a new product in store: According to IMDb, Yojimbo in a film from 1961 by Akira Kurosawa in which “A crafty ronin comes to a town divided by two criminal gangs and decides to play...

iWeb without .Mac

For those who are worried that Apple’s new iWeb would only work with a .Mac account, one can read in a footnote on the iWeb web page that: iWeb publishing requires Internet and webserver access (.Mac recommended). I take that...

Mac OS X 10.4.3

My top five anticipated features in Mac OS X 10.4.3: iChat preferences now allow you to display emoticons (such as a smiley face) as text (such as “:-)”) instead of as a graphic. Great for cross-coding monkeys communication. .Mac members...

Cocoa Bindings Examples and Hints




GNU Hello

Technical Note TN2137: Building Universal Binaries from "configure"-based Open Source Projects An interesting read. My favourite part: While the GNU Hello program is one of the most complicated "Hello, World" programs ever written, it is still a relatively simple program…...

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