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The point of this blog

The main motivation behind this blog is that whenever I decide to go mad and write silly things, I have usually no trouble finding a friend or two who’ll tell me I’m being really funny. Of course, they might be lying to me — and occasionally they must be, considering the incredible amount of bullshit I’m capable of writing in no time once I’m started — but someone said “You asked for it, you got it, Toyota,” and therefore behold: here is my blog!

(Of course, Toyota has nothing to do in the picture, they just happen to have a slogan that is 78% accurate in this particular case, which is more than I need to make my point.)

So I’m going to write things here, and I’m going to enjoy it. If I ever get anyone to tell me that what I write is funny, then my blog will have proven its usefulness. If I don’t, it’ll mean I didn’t get enough readers and I might have to take extreme measures to get people to read it, like threatening friends with WMA (Weapons of Mass Abomination: cups of decaffeinated coffee), ‘accidentally’ sending excerpts to my research group’s mailing list or worse, citing popular blogs in my entries and sending trackback pings so they link to me.


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