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Disable Self Heal in Adobe Reader 8

How to prevent Adobe Reader 8 from reinstalling its junk on every launch after you cleaned it up:

  • Open the file Adobe Reader.app/Contents/MacOS/SHInit.xml in a text editor or in Property List Editor;

  • Comment out or delete the following line:

  • Save the file;

  • Optional but highly recommended: show Adobe a sign of your triumph.


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I just installed Adobe Reader 8 on my mac mini. It was an even more convoluted process than I thought it would be, and I was not optimistic. [Read More]


You are a genius! Thank you.

Thanks a lot for this really helpful und working hint!

Thank you, Ölbaum!

I don’t know how Adobe get on without you. I do know that we couldn’t get along with Adobe without you.

Why is it the bigger and the richer the company, the worse the software? They seem to be trying to convince us that Open Source is the only way to get quality.

Yes, that seemed to work. In our school district, we have a lot of Macintosh computers that are imaged. We are using network home directories. When we developed the image, we installed Adpbe Reader 8.1 from the admin account. But when NHD users would access Adobe Reader, it complained a lot. Kind of an unexpected hassle…

I created a package installer of just the edited SHInit.xml and used our ARD Task Server to push it out to all of our machines.


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