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MacWorld Expo 2006 Keynote

My prediction for tomorrow’s MacWorld Expo Keynote: the new products will be huge! Read on for an exclusive sneak peek.

40-inch iMac

  • 40-inch display;
  • Built-in iSight;
  • Built-in iPod Dock;
  • Apple Extended Remote;
  • TV tuner;
  • Digital TV receiver;
  • Optional wireless satellite dish (802.11g);
  • Combo Blu-Ray BD-ROM/DVD-R drive;
  • 7.1 speakers;
  • Front Row ’06.

The Apple Extended Remote will have the same colour display as the iPod nano, 32 buttons, a click-wheel and, that’s quite a technological breakthrough, a white laser pointer. Front Row ’06 will have DVR capabilities (with Showview support) and will team up with iMovie to allow the editing of the recorded programs before burning them to DVD. All of these functions will be operable from the remote control.

This feature set clearly indicates that the new iMac is aimed at the living room, with the ambition to set the standard for the next generation of media centres.

Here are a couple of pictures of the 40-inch iMac:

40-inch iMac

The three iMacs

30-inch PowerBook

  • Two full-size keyboards (because we can!);
  • Retractable handle and wheels;
  • Built-in HD iSight with 32x optical zoom;
  • Three 250 GB hard disks with hardware RAID 5;
  • A trackpad larger than the 15-inch model.

With its built-in iSight and its huge storage capacity allowing for almost 40 hours of DV video, the 30-inch PowerBook will make a freakin’ awesome HD camcorder. It will be very easy to carry too, thanks to its handle and wheels that let you pull it like a suitcase. Moreover, two people will be able to use it at the same time, using the clever combination of twin keyboards, a new kind of trackpad and Faster User Switching, which is able to display up to four sessions at once, each in a quarter of the impressive WMHBOSNGA1 screen.

And there are some pictures of the 30-inch PowerBook:

30-inch PowerBook

15" and 30" PowerBook compared

Didn’t I say that the trackpad will be larger than the 15-inch PowerBook?

1. Widescreen Maddeningly Huge But Outrageously Stupidly Named Graphics Array 


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pure genious. who said bigger isn’t better? apple needs somebody up there like you to mange the “think big” department.

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