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iWeb without .Mac

For those who are worried that Apple’s new iWeb would only work with a .Mac account, one can read in a footnote on the iWeb web page that:

iWeb publishing requires Internet and webserver access (.Mac recommended).

I take that as an indication that iWeb can publish web sites to non-.Mac servers.


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Nope, iWeb only publishes to .MAC accounts. However, you can “publish” your website to a local folder and then upload the contents to your server. I found this hit helpful:


… if you have a webhost or server that you have shell access to, and the host runs rsync (most unix-based hosts should have rsync installed), then you can use checksums to only send files that are different. All you need to do is use rsync with the -c option. If you are removing files, you may also want to add the —delete option. For example: rsync -avc Sites/mysite/ username@webhost.com:webroot/

It still means that you don’t need a .Mac account to use iWeb, which was a recurring worry on the Mac news sites when iLife ’06 was announced.

And indeed, rsync is a blessing for web site uploading, especially when you have tried mirroring in half a dozen FTP clients and none works correctly simply because FTP was not designed to make mirroring easy.

has any figured out a way to make comments work with iWeb without using .Mac as a hosting company?

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